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English Language Requirements and Educational Inequality in China

Hongbin Li, Lingsheng Meng, Kai Mu, Shaoda Wang, May 29, 2024

The introduction of the English listening test in the NCEE has exacerbated educational inequality between urban and rural areas in China, thereby affecting the college admission prospects and future income of rural students.

Learning by Investing: entrepreneurial spillovers from venture capital

Josh Lerner, Jinlin Li, Tong Liu, May 22, 2024

The experience gained by individual investors from participating in venture capital funds significantly enhances their entrepreneurial capabilities in the high-tech sector.

Sharing the Entrepreneurial Wealth?

Josh Lerner, Junxi Liu, Jacob Moscona, David Yang, Jun 12, 2024

This article discussing the emergence of China in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship is reshaping the global entrepreneurial landscape, paving novel ways for achieving a broader wealth sharing.

Estimating the Role of Air Quality Improvements in the Decline of Suicide Rates in China

Tamma Carleton, Peng Zhang, Liguo Lin, Maigeng Zhou, Jun 19, 2024

This article discussing the correlation between reduced air pollution and lower suicide rates notes that as air pollution decreases, suicide rates also decline...

Anatomy of the CNH-CNY Peg: The Crucial Role of Liquidity Policies

Saleem Bahaj, Ricardo Reis, Jun 26, 2024

This article discussing the changes in the exchange rate between the offshore yuan (CNH) and onshore yuan (CNY) help stabilize the CNY-US dollar exchange rate, but they also pose challenges to China's capital controls.