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Judicial Independence, Local Protectionism, and Economic Integration in China

Ernest Liu, Yi Lu, Wenwei Peng, Shaoda Wang, Nov 23, 2022

Exploiting the staggered rollout, since 2014, of judicial independence reform that removed local governments’ control over local courts’ financial and personnel decisions in China, we show that judicial independence can reduce local protectionism and foster cross-regional economic integration.

Assessing and Addressing the Coronavirus-Induced Economic Crisis: Evidence from 1.5 Billion Sales Invoice

Zhuo Chen, Pengfei Li, Li Liao, Zhengwei Wang, Aug 31, 2022

We probe the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent containment policies on business activities in China by exploiting big data on 1.5 billion sales invoices. The average drop in sales was between 23% and 35%, depending on firm size, for the 12-week period after the Wuhan lockdown.

Housing Wealth and Online Consumer Behavior: Evidence from the Xiong’an New Area in China

Hanming Fang, Long Wang, Yang Yang, Nov 16, 2022

We provide new evidence on the causal effects of housing wealth on consumer behavior.

QR Code-Based Mobile Payments and Financial Inclusion

Thorsten Beck, Leonardo Gambacorta, Yiping Huang, Zhenhua Li, Han Qiu, Nov 09, 2022

By means of a unique dataset of around half a million Chinese firms, we investigate the link between the use of a QR code-based mobile payment system and financial inclusion.