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How Liberalizing Trade with China Led to a Boom in International Students in the US

Gaurav Khanna, Kevin Shih, Ariel Weinberger, Mingzhi Xu, Miaojie Yu, Aug 16, 2023

Focusing on China’s accession to the World Trade Organization, we show that Chinese cities with more exposure to trade liberalization sent more students to US universities.

The Fertility Consequences of Air Pollution in China

Xuwen Gao, Ran Song, Christopher Timmins, Sep 07, 2022

We incorporate pollution exposure into Becker’s Quantity-Quality (Q-Q) model of fertility and evaluate how air pollution distorts individuals’ fertility behaviors in China. We find that increased pollution over time negatively affects the fertility of ethnic Han people, but does not affect the fertility of ethnic minorities. China’s One-Child Policy increased Han people’s demand for child quality (e.g., health status and education achievement), which can explain the negative association between pollution and fertility for Han people.

How Do Workers and Households Adjust to Robots?

Osea Giuntella, Yi Lu, Tianyi Wang, Apr 26, 2023

We analyze the effects of exposure to industrial robots on labor markets and household behaviors, exploring longitudinal household data from the China Family Panel Studies.

From Wall Street to Hong Kong:The Value of Dual Listing for China Concept Stocks

Zhuo Chen, Grace Xing Hu, Ziqiong Xi, Xiaoquan Zhu, Mar 22, 2023

The recent cross-border regulation tensions between the US and China have exposed many US-listed China Concepts Stocks to substantial delisting risks, forcing them to pursue dual listings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

QR Code-Based Mobile Payments and Financial Inclusion

Thorsten Beck, Leonardo Gambacorta, Yiping Huang, Zhenhua Li, Han Qiu, Nov 09, 2022

By means of a unique dataset of around half a million Chinese firms, we investigate the link between the use of a QR code-based mobile payment system and financial inclusion.