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Peer Effects, Political Competition, and Ecological Efficiency

Xudong Chen, Bihong Huang, Yantuan Yu, Jul 29, 2020

This study examines the impacts of political competition on eco-efficiency. We first develop a theoretical model in which local government officials compete against each other to maximize their own political score. We find that after an initial stage of decline, eco-efficiency eventually increases once environmental performance becomes a meaningful component of local government officials’ annual assessment. These theoretical predictions are corroborated...

Competition and Quality: Evidence from High-Speed Railways and Airlines

Hanming Fang, Long Wang, Yang Yang, Aug 05, 2020

This paper investigates whether competition spurs quality improvement using the entry of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail (HSR) as an exogenous increase in competition to affected flights to destination cities along the HSR line. We find that competition from the entry of HSR leads to significant reductions in the mean and variance of travel delays on the affected airline routes and that these improvements are mainly driven by reductions in departure delays and the duration of taxi-in time at the destination airport.